Welcome to the Coast Meridian PAC

If you are the parent or guardian of a child attending Coast Meridian, then you are also a member of the Parent Advisory Committee. 

Please check back regularly, to find current updates on PAC-related events and information.

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Events Calendar:


PAC Meeting Dates:

To be announced

All meetings are held in the school library at 7pm.   Child-minding is available.


COAST PAC 2018/2019






Chair ... Caroline S.

Vice Chair ... Amy T.

Treasurers ... Sukhi S. & Priya K.

Secretaries ... Amar G. & Jessica G.

DPAC Reps ... Kam G. & Pam P.


Members At Large

PAC Website ... Lisa S.

Social Media ... Jessica G.

Newsletter Editor ... Misty T.

Fun Lunch ... Amy T.

Treat Days ... Amar S.

Book Fair ... Jessica G., Nadine B., Rebecca S.

Earthquake Preparedness ... Diana P. & Pam B.

Healthy Head Checks ... Kam G.


Event Coordinators

September Coffee Social ... Sukhi S., Nadine B., Jessica G.

September Potluck Dinner  ... Manj S. & Sukhvir B.

Family Photo Night ... Amar S. & Priya K.

Frozen Food Fundraiser ... Caroline S.

Spring Chocolate Fundraiser ... Sara N.

May Fun Night ... Amy T.

Pub Night ... Amar S.

Gr 7 Lunch ... Jessica G., Angela C., Gloria T.


Coordinator Opportunities

Movie Night

Toast  to Coast Luncheon

Sports Day Concessions