This year we are continuing with our PAC fun lunch and treat day system and now are producing all of our orders online through Munch a Lunch!
This is moving us away from paper order forms and from counting money for each individual student.

This is a very simple program to use. We have put the link on the school website as well as on here

When you arrive at the Munch a Lunch website you will follow a series of easy steps to register and order lunches and treat days for your child(ren).

Hot Lunch Dates and Details - Click Here

Helpful Hint ...

Write the details of the fun lunch order in your child's student planner!

Your child will know exactly what you ordered for them, and they will remind you to not pack a lunch for them that day!

You will also receive an email reminder from Munch a Lunch

Fun Lunches are held once or twice a month, and dates are subject to change.  Volunteer assistance is always appreciated!

Thank you so much for all of your understanding as we work through this new way of doing things.

If you would like to help with hot lunches or have any issues or concerns, please email the Fun Lunch Coordinator Parm Kalon at